Where We Go From Here

We are SO excited to be Part of the movement to make the entire world a better place.  our plans include a full line of clothes and accessories that are all done fairly and ethically.  of course, one step at a time is the name of the game.  Here’s our gameplan of where we go from here

Right Now

Right now, we’re starting with just t-shirts and hats.  but we do plan to be a major brand in the next few years.  We need some time to check our systems, find more ethical partners and to get people to realize we make some really awesome clothes!

Next Steps

Over the next while, we’ll be filling in our sports and leisure wear lines to make sure we’ve you covered (literally!) no matter your shape, size or style.

The Future

This is where things get REALLY exciting!  We’ve been talking to several up-and-coming designers who love our ethics-first business model.  These enlightened people want to work with us.  This is going to be epic.

Not too far down the road, look for us to launch our casual and dress clothing lines.  Of course, everything from the materials to the manufacturing to the logistics will be done in a fair and ethical way.

And where we go from here?  Just watch!


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