Our Origin

Committed to your Ethical Style and Life

We started with a single guy.  Just a regular guy.  A regular guy who got very fortunate in life, built up several business, and then went through divorce and ended up briefly hating the world.

Then, one day, this regular guy zigged when he typically zagged.  He took a moment to “stop and smell the roses”. That moment was our origin.  From that day, this regular guy, who’s name is George, decided that his purpose in life was to make a difference in the world.  He decided to make that difference by creating something that would provide good and fair paying jobs while at the same time raise money for various ethical or sustainability charities / causes.

When asked about our origin, George replies, “I actually started the label to make a bit of difference in the world.  May sound like a dream, bit it’s definitely my mission”.

Our Pledge

To source and sell only ethically produced items and materials.  We will inspect and monitor all of our suppliers to ensure our standards are upheld


And, just to complete the pledge, we don’t use animal fur either

OUR mission

To provide fashionable yet affordable clothing that people can feel great wearing while knowing they are making a difference in the world.

Your Money and Charity Causes

10 % of all net profits will be donat4d to various charities and causes that you choose.  At the end of every October, we will accept your votes and contribute to the top 10 that are chosen by you.  The money will be divided amongst them equally.